2. Our Devotion to Craftsmanship

Our Devotion to Craftsmanship

We only make the best. Our founders’ dedication to “craftsmanship with the perspective of a mother” is carried on to this day.

Our Devotion to Craftsmanship

Specialty Underwear

We have devoted ourselves to uphold the “Made in Japan” brand for underwear. In order to take care of a baby’s delicate skin, comfort is our first priority.

Safety-First Rattle

A perennial favorite item with many safety precautions. What makes it such a great first toy for babies?

A Heartfelt Denim Bag

A bag created by many people with hand-sewn embroidery and applique. Each one of the bags bears its own story.


Small shoes full of craftsmanship. Our first priority is to take care of the baby’s feet. Please be sure to choose the right pair for your child’s feet.

Carefully Manufactured Socks

We carefully choose the material for socks, since they are in direct contact with skin. Naturally, the designs need to be special as well.

For Healthy Sleep

The features of our pajamas ensure healthy, relaxed sleep

2-Way Overalls with Multiple Gentle Features

Babywear useful in 2 different ways. They work great as both baby clothes and coveralls.

Can’t Wait to Eat

The first time a baby “eats” weaning food instead of drinking breast milk or regular milk. Let us introduce Familiar’s baby dishware, packed with special features.

Coveralls Designed with Age in Mind

Coveralls represent the actual shape of the child’s body. They are designed with regard to their age, to match different body shapes and movements.

Making Diaper Changing Enjoyable

Diaper changing is an important moment of communication with your baby. It’s helpful to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.