2. familiar POP-UP STORE in LONDON


Livingstone studio 17th - 20th Sep 2017
Address:36 New End Square, London NW3 1LS, UK
Japan Green Medical Centre-Acton Clinic 3rd - 7th Oct 2017
Address:Unit 7-8, Acton Hill Mews, 310-328 Uxbridge Rd, London W3 9QN
The seminar by director of Japan Green Medical Centre Dr. Kodani on Oct 7th at Harvington Prep School
Address:20 Castlebar Road, Ealing, W5 2DS

about familiar

Build Children's Potential. Four women founded the company as a baby and children's clothing specialty store in 1950. Since then, Familiar has continued to be particular about its craftsmanship to make authentic products. Our mission is to build children's potential. In pursuing this goal, we deemed it necessary not only to offer authentic clothes but real education as well, and opened a nursery school in 2015. Everything for the sake of the child. Familiar's initiatives have expanded beyond children's wear.

The theme is "HITOTEMA"

Raising a child involves hands-on care and attention

HITOTEMA refers to craftsman's hands-on care and attention to detail.
There is reason and thoughtfulness behind how underwear has been stitched, how buttons are attached,
and how pockets have been sewn on.
Authentic products, thinking of what's best for the child who will wear them for the first time in his or her life.
We know that this is what will broaden the possibilities for a child and build a rich life.

We focus on the qualities of craftsmanship that is our starting point.

The theme is “ HITOTEMA ” that means essence for products or services make more special. We want to show our qualities of craftsmanship with genuine and tenderness through not only products but also experiences.


We care about fabrics for not hurting baby's sensitive skin since we founded. In this store, we will prepare five capes with different fabrics for adult. We want you to experience our undershirts, feel the touch of fabrics and elasticity.
Material may be the most important design element.
Even if the color is the same, Familiar chooses materials that suit the body and according to the occasion it will be worn.
For babies, we are particularly choosy about materials that are soft and feel good.
For example, Familiar’s original fabric Tompkins fits snuggly with a baby’s movements due to its superior stretching properties. It is woven slowly over time, requiring about six times the amount of time it takes to weave with a general knitting machine, resulting in a soft and fluffy texture as though air has been woven in. Its fine, soft feel will make both the baby and mother happy.
“Craftsmanship which considers the needs of the child.”
This is the basis for our material selection which we hold dear and have passed down through the years.

Five different fabrics

This undershirt is made by fraise stitches.
Fraise stitch is highly elastic. It makes the cloth very stretchable and easy to get back to the original shape.
So it can still fit on the body, even if the baby moved actively.
Tompkin is high stretch fabric and just fit baby's body.
And also Breathabl and highly hygroscopic.
This fabric is very soft and warm, so baby feel comfortable.

extend longitudinally

extend sideways

extend obliquely

We made adult-size ponchos out of 5 different kinds of fabrics: Tompkins, Fraiche, Italian Mesh, Wool, and Silk.
Please try them on and feel the different fabrics.

Adult's Undershirts

We will exhibit adult-size undershirts made of the same fabric as Familiar's baby underwear so you can feel the difference in the quality of Familiar's baby's and children's clothes.


Every hand embroidery of familiar is made with all our thought. Our designer will make art wall from the beginning to the end of the pop-up store.
There is a story behind an applique.
Familiar places importance on “making things in a way that a mother would make for her child.”
A typical example of this is the denim bag. The people responsible for producing them are craftspersons who also happen to be housewives.
Each applique has its own story that will stimulate a child’s imagination.
The eyes of the characters are very important and are sewn on with particular care, so their faces are cute and their eyes are level.
They are long-sellers of Familiar which have been lovingly made with the child in mind.

Design cardboard

Let's design T-shirt from cardboard with colourful tapes and buttons. Familiar's designer will help you.

Children's experiences

We will have the art wall that children can design by themselves with using masking tape. We hope children have a good time and enjoy the making things by hands.
A child’s first friend.
Familiar’s original character”Fami-chan” was created in 1951 as a child’s first friend.
Since then, Fami-chan has appeared in various lifestyle settings for children including clothing, dishes, and writing implements.
Can you see that Fami-chan has thumbs?
This is because Familiar places importance on the idea of a friend with whom your child can shake hands and hold hands.

【Seminar & Workshop】 The director of Japan Green Medical Centre Dr. Kodani

We will have a seminar by Dr. Kodani on Oct 7th (Sat) at Harvington Prep School. He is the director of Japan Green Medical Centre.
The people who have a lot of questions and worries for raising a baby. It is the opportunity to talk about your worries, please come and join us.
After seminar, designer of familiar prepare some workshops and you can make some things with your children.
We are looking forward to seeing you!
The director of Japan Green Medical Centre Dr. Kodani
■Theme: Parent-children communication
■Open :7th Sat Oct 10:00~11:00
■Open :7th Sat Oct 11:10~12:00

■Place :Harvington Prep School
■Address:20 Castlebar Road, Ealing, W5 2DS
■Capacity: 30 people
■Reservation: Please send us your information.
①Name/②The number of participants/③Phone number or Email.

Complimentary OBORO towel

This is a special opportunity only for this pop-up shop!
If you come and feel the different fabrics, you will receive a complimentary OBORO towel.


Livingstone studio

■Place :Livingstone studio
■Address :36 New End Square, London NW3 1LS, UK
■Term :Sun 17th Sep - Wed 20th
■Business hour :17th Sun 11:00 - 17:00
      18th Mon 10:00 - 18:00
      19th Tue 10:00 - 18:00
      20th Wed 10:00 - 16:00
■Space :About 45㎡

Japan Green Medical Centre - Acton Clinic

■Place :Japan Green Medical Centre - Acton Clinic
■Address:Unit 7-8, Acton Hill Mews, 310-328 Uxbridge Rd, London W3 9QN
■Term :3rd Tue - 7th Sat Oct
■Open :3rd Tue - 6th Fri 10:00 - 18:00
     7th Sat 10:00~17:00
■Space :About 13㎡

※We will hold a seminar at another place.